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Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live lives of harmlessness and renunciation.

The essence of Jainism is concern for the welfare of every being in the universe and for the health of the universe itself.Jains believe that animals and plants, as well as human beings, contain living souls. Each of these souls is considered of equal value and should be treated with respect and compassion.

  • Jains are strict vegetarians and live in a way that minimises their use of the world's resources.
  • Jains believe in reincarnation and seek to attain ultimate liberation - which means escaping the continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth so that the immortal soul lives for ever in a state of bliss.
  • Liberation is achieved by eliminating all karma from the soul.
  • Jainism is a religion of self-help.
  • There are no gods or spiritual beings that will help human beings.
  • The three guiding principles of Jainism, the 'three jewels', are right belief, right knowledge and right conduct.
  • The supreme principle of Jain living is non violence (ahimsa).
  • This is one of the 5 mahavratas (the 5 great vows). The other mahavratas are non-attachment to possessions, not lying, not stealing, and sexual restraint (with celibacy as the ideal).
  • Mahavira is regarded as the man who gave Jainism its present-day form.
  • The texts containing the teachings of Mahavira are called the Agamas.

This Jain Symbol is an arrangement of various symbols each having a significant meaning.This symbol was adopted by all sects of jainism. This outline of the symbol represents shape of the universe(LOK) the lower part of symbol represents the seven hells(NAARK),The middle part of the universe contains the earth(Manushya lok).The upper part contains the heavenly abodes(DEV LOK).


According to Jain philosophy, soul is eternal and beginning less. It has life, consciousness, Upayoga (knowledge and perception) and is potent. It performs actions and is affected by their results, is conditioned by its own body (characteristic of contraction and expansion), is incorporeal and is ordinarily found with Karma. In addition, it is capable of becoming free from the defect of Karma, gets to the highest point of the universe, knows all and perceives all and obtains the transcendental bliss ever-lasting34 The nature of soul is considered dual in character. According to the realistic standpoint, it remains the same under all states, while according to the practical standpoint, it is transformed into modes and this becomes different in number, place and form etc.

The souls are of two types, namely I) Samsaris (transmigrating beings) those who undergo or subjects to the cycle of wandering into births and experience the fruit of Karmas, and 2) Muktas, the emancipated souls. The transmigrating souls are of two kinds, Trasas (mobiles) and Sthavaras (immobile). The Sthavaras are further divided into five kinds, viz. earth, water, fire, air and plants possessing the touching sensation. The mobile beings are from two- sensed beings onwards. The senses are five, viz. touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. The senses are also of two kinds, the physical sense and psychic sense. Earth, water, plants etc. have one sense of touch and the warm, the ant, the bee, and man etc. have each one more sense than the preceding one. These living beings possess of some essential characteristics called Pranas, viz. Bala, Indriya, Ayu, and Ucchavasa (breathing). The means of birth of beings are also discussed. It is of three kinds, viz. I). Spontaneous generation (Sammurchhana), ii) birth from uterus (Garbhaja), and iii) Upapadajanma (that is the seat to which the soul goes and in which it is born).

The existence of soul is proved from the world “Soul” itself. The very thought whether the soul exists or not proves its existence, because man can think whether something is the pillar or the person while and inanimate substance cannot. No one except the soul can raise doubt. Modern scientists are also realizing the existence of soul. For instance, it is said, “This world is not the machine without soul. It has not come into existence by accident. Behind the veil of matter, is working the mind and consciousness. This force may be given any nomenclature.



जिज्ञासा समाधान सुधा सागर जी महाराज मुनिपुंगवश्री 108 सुधा सागर जी महाराज का बहुचर्चित कार्यक्रम जिज्ञासा समाधान। 


जिन प्रभु के स्तवन से करें कर्मों की निर्जरा।


‘जिन- चालीसा’ :- देव- दर्शन और स्तवन का अनूठा कार्यक्रम‘जिन- चालीसा’, जिनवाणी चैनल के माध्यम से जैनधर्म के चौबीस आराध्य देवों की कल्याणकारी जीवन गाथा को सुर,लय, ताल से सुसज्जित


जिनवाणी चैनल को मिला आशीर्वाद