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India boasts of religious diversity. And Jainism is one of those ancient religions that have followers not only in India but worldwide. Its world-known philosophy of Ahimsa has moved the entire world. Jinvani, the world`s first devotional channel dedicated to the core values of Jainism, tries to portray the same face of Jain religion. As the term Jinvani implies, it is the holy words sermonized by the liberated souls of Jain religion, who went on to be branded as `Jina` later on.

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Shri Parasnath strotra

जिन प्रभु के स्तवन से करें कर्मों की निर्जरा।

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Jin Abhishek & Shanti Dhara

 जिन- प्रतिमाओं का अभिषेक एवं शान्तिधारा दिखायी जाती है। 

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Gomtesh Darshan

गोमटेश दर्शन || श्रवणबेलगोला कर्नाटक 

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Dharam Yatra

धर्मयात्रा महावीर जी  करौली (राजस्थान )

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