About Jinvani

Jinvani Channel, a spiritual TV channel is the world’s first devotional channel based on JAINISM

It was launched on 9, December 2011. 

The spiritual and religious speeches of God Jinendra is known as Jinvani. 

Jinvani Channel telecast the thoughtful Programs, Bhajans, documentaries that promotes peace, harmony and non-violence. 

The channel transforms the mindset of the people and purify their souls to give them a new perspective or a site 

Where they can think about the society as a whole and can work for the betterment of the society.

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Program Photos
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Program Videos

Shri Parasnath strotra

जिन प्रभु के स्तवन से करें कर्मों की निर्जरा।

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Jin Abhishek & Shanti Dhara

 जिन- प्रतिमाओं का अभिषेक एवं शान्तिधारा दिखायी जाती है। 

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Gomtesh Darshan

गोमटेश दर्शन || श्रवणबेलगोला कर्नाटक 

More Gomtesh Darshan

Dharam Yatra

धर्मयात्रा महावीर जी  करौली (राजस्थान )

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